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Susan Carlton, a longtime magazine writer, currently teaches writing at Boston University. Carlton’s writing has appeared in SelfElleMademoiselleSeventeenParents, and elsewhere. She is the author the young adult novel Love & Haight, which was named a Best Book for Young Adults by YALSA and a Best Book by the Children’s Book Committee at Bank Street Books. Her upcoming novel, In the Neighborhood of True, will be out in April, 2019. Read more about Susan and her books at


Susan Carlton

  • Mindfulness Immersion

    I've had a crush on the idea of mindfulness for a while and tried a few apps that I loved for a day or three. What was different about Heather's approach is that it was created with a writer in mind. She was very open about sharing her vulnerabilities -- and they looked an awful lot like my vulnerabilities. I've saved all the materials and suspect I will return to them time and again, until (finally, I hope!) I have established a practice I can really sustain.