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Frankie Bolt writes southern grit young adult novel and short stories. She and her wife live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Her short story “The Driver” was featured on the Young Adult Review Network. You can find her in these hangouts:

Twitter: @Frankie Bolt

Instagram: MsFrankieBolt


Frankie Bolt

  • Creative Season

    When I teamed up with Heather, she asked what I wanted to address within my writing/creative process. I was crazy/naive enough to say, “Fear.” Immediately, Heather encouraged me, sent multi-media resources in my leap toward the abyss. Heather’s faceted coaching approach created a nurturing cocoon for me to divine my growth creatively, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. As my focus evolved, Heather’s insight and flexibility guided me toward concrete positive actions and solutions. I emerged armed with courage, clarity and vision. At the heart, Heather has profoundly transformed and enriched my writer’s journey.