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Margaret Torres writes Young Adult Fantasy. When not working on her novels, she reads far more than anyone should have time for and does a bit of marketing to pay the bills. Connect with Margaret on Twitter


Margaret Torres

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As a first time writer, I didn’t struggle with fear or procrastination or any of the million other pitfalls out there. I was ready and motivated , but I was feeling my way along in the dark. I wanted to know how far I could go, what could my writing life look like, and how much faster could I get there? Heather helped me find my ideal process, and I went from writing 3,500 words each month, to writing 4,000+ EACH WEEK. It still blows my mind. A huge part of that was the plan and goals Heather helped me establish for the completion of my first book. We explored the realities of being a creative with a day job,  discussed strategies for becoming a full-time writer, and SO MUCH MORE. If you’re thinking about working with Heather, through whichever of her services, don’t hesitate. She cares. She cares about you, she cares about helping you achieve the goals that are best for YOU, and she will customize her services to fit your needs.