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Laurie Morrison taught middle school English for ten years and is the author of two middle grade novels: Every Shiny Thing (Abrams, 2018, co-authored with Cordelia Jensen) and Up for Air (Abrams, 2019). You can find out more about Laurie here.


Laurie Morrison

  • Mindfulness Immersion

    During this month-long course, I got to see how mindfulness practices and meditation can help with multiple aspects of my writing process and career. For the first part of the month, I was working on a first draft, and meditating before each writing session allowed me to be more playful, expansive, and flexible. I had more fun drafting than usual, was less critical of myself, and wrote more words in the same amount of time. Partway through the month, I shifted my focus because I got an edit letter for a book that is under contract, and tasks began to pile up for promoting my first book. The mindfulness practices helped me to maintain my focus during revision, and I was more intentional than usual about noticing when I needed a break rather than thoughtlessly scrolling through something online. In addition, when aspects of being a debut author started to make me feel stressed or insecure, the techniques I learned in this course helped me to figure out what was bothering me, why, and what I wanted to do to handle the situation. Heather is a compassionate, open, generous leader, and I really appreciated all that she shared with us during this experience. I think any writer at any stage of any project (or any person in another creative field, I would Imagine) could really benefit from working with Heather, and I can especially recommend a mindfulness immersion course like this one to other authors who are navigating the highs and lows of a debut publishing experience. It's been a very grounding experience for me.