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Learn how to write unforgettable characters.

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  • I’m getting more intimate about the ups and downs of the writing life: a late-night confessional series of letters straight from my heart to yours. Midnight Missives. These are nights without armor. Get the missives here.


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creativity coaching, Mindfulness / meditation training, and Editing Services for any writer: published or unpublished, brave or scared shitless. 


I work with writers to help them plot their dreams and slay their dragons so that they can lead full-bodied creative lives that give them the courage, determination, and strategy to bring their words into the world.


 About Heather

I'm a published author with Macmillan, HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster, as well as a certified meditation teacher with an MFA in Writing. Other than words and travel, my passion is to help my fellow writers navigate the challenges of the writer's life as elegantly as possible: writer's block, fear, doubt, despair, inner critics, procrastination, uncertainty.

I've been blogging for years about my own experience with the highs and lows of the creative life and working with clients and students to help them bring their words into the world and own their writer selves. With seven books of my own out and more on the way, I love nothing more than sharing what I’ve learned on this journey, and walking with other writers as they travel these paths. I’m an INFJ, if you couldn’t tell already. :)

My Story

Let’s Get Magical

I saw this guy in Paris recently and he pretty much embodies my inner artist. I want this magic in me all the time, and I want it for you, too.

You’re ready to finally finish that novel. Or longing to begin the book that’s in your heart. You’ve got stories in you, and they’re clamoring to come out. The unicorn in you is ready to FLY.

Writing is a hard road, and having someone to guide and support you on your journey can make all the difference—the difference between dreaming and doing.

Finish your novel. (Or finally start it.) Use creative hacks to curate the writing life you want. Bust through a creative block. Get serious about your writing habit. Dive deep into your creative well.

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