There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.
— Maya Angelou

Every writer needs her go-to’s for the days when the well is dry, the flow is gone, and the heart is heavy.

I started two folders on my computer - one on my desktop and one on my browser toolbar - called Soul Food. This is where I stuff any resources that light me up, re-inspire me, and remind me why I do this whole writing thing. This is where I go on the days when I doubt myself, when I’ve got nothin’. I’ve got something for every mood: articles, videos, podcasts, certain Instagram accounts. Poems, bits of my favorite books…Think of this is your emergency pod when shit hits the fan.

Creating a Soul Food receptacle is easy. Just throw things in whenever they inspire you. Have an ongoing list of links on your browser, throw things in that desktop folder. You can even have a Soul Food section in your writing area - a box with books or trinkets that do the trick. Make it yours. Here are a few of my Soul Food highlights - may they fill your with creative goodness as they do me.  

exclusive soul food dishes for the inspiration Portal

:: I will update as I come across new awesomeness::


Below are the links from the public writer’s resource page on my site

  • Amanda Palmer: If you know me at all, you know I bow to her. She is the epitome of the creative and inspires me daily. I support her monthly via her Patreon and devour her emails and offerings. She inspires the FUCK out of me. I’ve linked to her Insta, but you’d do well to follow her more thoroughly via Patreon. She just might change your life. She reminds me to keep going and of all the possibilities in creative life and work.


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I love making boards for my books - they help me figure out my characters, and they are insanely helpful for world building. I’ve literally taken ideas from those boards - images, feelings they evoke - and put them in my books. I also have loads of inspirational quotes on there for those writing days when you need a boost. This is a big part of my creative process, which I indulge in when I begin a project and again when I’m revising. Plus, it’s just so FUN.