3-Month Creative Season

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3-Month Creative Season



FLOURISH is a 3-Month creative season where we use your work - new, WIP, or generative writing exercises I give you - as our text for deepening and expanding your craft and creativity.

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Note: Creative Seasons are only open to clients I have worked with before. I take on very few writers for this intensive process, so if you’ve worked with me as a client in some capacity, or as a student, and are female-identifying, then please email me and we can discuss all the things. I look forward to exploring our options for you!


Heather transformed my life. And while that may sound dramatic, it's true. We worked together during a creative season and she not only helped me find my identity as a writer, but she introduced me to the magic of a meditation practice. She always curated thoughtful exercises for me to work on before our calls, and I was always amazed at how she had the exact right thing I needed to hear, read or experience to help me break through. I completed the first draft of my novel (which had been languishing for over 2 years) because of Heather's wise teaching, encouragement, and voice in my head. I know we'll continue to work together. And knowing that brings me peace that I'll continue to grow as a writer.

- Mariam Muzzafar, Creative Season Writer

What the Creative Season Entails:


  • 3 months of intensive, ongoing work on your craft, your creative process, your creative goals, your creative lifestyle, and whatever else we think needs working.

  • 2 one-hour-long calls per month: think high-vibe buzzy brainstorming sessions OR 2 hours worth of voice messaging

  • Craft Counseling :: 25 pages of editorial support per month, where we get into your writing on the granular level. I do a deep dive into your work and send back LOTS of notes. You go back in and refine, sweat out the craft that’s in you. We make you better. A LOT better. These might be pages of a WIP or writing exercises I give you.

  • Unlimited emailing and text support - I am on call for all creative crises!

  • Loads of creative assignments created and curated especially for you—these range from writing exercises to field trips to art projects that will help get you and your book into fighting shape.

  • As a certified meditation instructor, I’m happy to offer guided meditations and other support to help you begin or deepen a meditation practice (great for flow and creative well-being!)

  • A year-long plan that we work on together, refining as we go, so that by the end of the Season you have a clear path moving forward on your book and other writing goals.

Each month, we’ll focus on various aspects of craft that are challenging for you, as well as look into your process and creative lifestyle so that those aspects of your creativity can support you and the work.


  • $400/ month for 3 consecutive months

    (billed monthly OR $1, 150 in one payment)


As a first time writer, I didn’t struggle with fear or procrastination or any of the million other pitfalls out there. I was ready and motivated , but I was feeling my way along in the dark. I wanted to know how far I could go, what could my writing life look like, and how much faster could I get there? Heather helped me find my ideal process, and I went from writing 3,500 words each month, to writing 4,000+ EACH WEEK. It still blows my mind. A huge part of that was the plan and goals Heather helped me establish for the completion of my first book. We explored the realities of being a creative with a day job,  discussed strategies for becoming a full-time writer, and SO MUCH MORE. If you’re thinking about working with Heather, through whichever of her services, don’t hesitate. She cares. She cares about you, she cares about helping you achieve the goals that are best for YOU, and she will customize her services to fit your needs.

- Margaret Torres, Creative Season Writer

Please email me if you have questions. Many of my clients are open to being reached out to, as well. You can find testimonies and info here.

NOTE: Please don’t sign up for this package unless you are 100% committed to flourishing. If you’re not yet very serious about your writing practice, then this is not for you. By that, I don’t mean you need to be published or even “good” yet - I mean you need to WANT to dig deep, grow, get better, get serious. I will cheerlead for you, but I can’t cheer to empty stands, know what I’m saying? You have to show up.

If you’re just dabbling, then I recommend starting off with a Jazz Session or two with me to see if writing or this more intensive process is really something you’re ready to go all in with right now. My space is limited, and I’d hate to have a writer who’s ready to commit lose out. Plus, my clients inspire me - it’s an important energetic exchange, so if you aren’t all in, then it’s a pretty big bummer.


Whether or not we end up working together, I wish you so much creative joy and discovery. Here’s to blossoming!

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