Your Curated Housesitting Adventure


Your Curated Housesitting Adventure


The Phone Call That Will Change Your Life

In 2018-2019, I embarked on an epic journey of living internationally rent-free for nearly a year. You can do this, too: as a short 2-week stint, or a longer stretch. Even if you have kids.

Think of this as the ultimate creative life hack for writers.

Think your own personal international writing retreat, a cheaper way to do research for a book, a break to fill your creative well.

:: In this time, I wrote four books, did deep research for two of them that required i visit archives and sites in three countries, and paid off nearly all my debt (rent-free, remember?). On the way, I visited some of the wonders of the world, crossed a few things off my bucket list, traipsed about beautiful cities, played with some great animals, and lived in other people’s international homes. I even, for a time, had my very own English garden. ::

What You Get When You EXPLORE With Me:

  • 60 minute phone call to answer all of your housesitting questions, share my experiences and advice from housesitting all over the world, and speak to your personal concerns or questions about what housesitting might look like for you

  • My Guide for Housesitters, only available through these calls: it’s chock full of resources, links, checklists, a sample writing retreat itinerary to do on your own while abroad, digital nomad employment consultation, and more

  • Together, we’ll help you find clarity around what housesitting might look like for you: do you want a break for a couple weeks, do you need to plan research for a book, are you looking for a longer term lifestyle to save money? What would this REALLY look like?

  • Because I’ve been through it, I’m living proof you can do this. So let’s break through any barriers and resistance you have. Are you broke? We’ll figure it out. Are you not sure how to manage your affairs at home while you’re gone? We’ll talk about that, too.

    Exchange: $100

If you’re still on the fence, head over to the Inspiration Portal for some helpful links to throw you down the rabbit hole.

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