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Cheryl McCosh writes YA historical fantasy when she's not running after three kids and working with a nonprofit to support public Montessori in Houston. Check our her website at or follow her on Twitter.


Cheryl McCosh

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I had no idea what to expect before starting the Creative Season with Heather. I only knew I needed help, and I was positive that Heather was the one to help me. She kicked me in the pants during an online class I took from her the year prior, and I was hoping the Creative Season would take me even further. I was not disappointed. I looked forward to Heather's calls the way my kids look forward to Christmas. Every time we talked, I learned something about myself. There was so much holding me back, and I loved how when things she suggested weren't working for me, she willingly threw everything out to start from square one. She helped me pull myself back together after a long-term depression and write through and around everything I was facing. I am still, months later, internalizing all of her lessons, but, even during the season itself, every week marked a step in the right direction on my way to becoming a writer. I now have a completed draft and will be attending conferences this summer to promote my work! I really don't think I would be anywhere close to where I am now had it not been for Heather. I really miss our scheduled calls, but I love that I know she's still just an email or text away. She's definitely someone you want in your corner with you as you fight for what you want out of writing and life!