Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.
— Ben Franklin

in 2018-2019, i embarked on an epic journey of living internationally rent-free for nearly a year. You can do this, too: as a short 2-week stint, or a longer stretch. Even if you have kids. Think your own personal international writing retreat, a cheaper way to do research for a book, a break to fill your creative well.

This is the ultimate creative life hack for writers.

:: In this time, I wrote four books, did deep research for two of them that required i visit archives and sites in three countries, and paid off nearly all my debt (rent-free, remember?). On the way, I visited some of the wonders of the world, crossed a few things off my bucket list, traipsed about beautiful cities, played with some great animals, and lived in other people’s international homes. I even, for a time, had my very own English garden. ::


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