Ship This: Writing Binge-Worthy Characters

Where: Online through Writespace

When: 6 Weeks :: October 14 - November 18

*Specific workshop times to be determined solely by participants’ specific schedules and availability. Please note: I will contact participants with an online classroom invitation and entry instructions the day the workshop begins.

Details on prices and links to sign up coming soon

LEVEL: All Levels
CAP: Limited to 12 Writers

We've all been there: characters we stay up until the wee hours with because we can't get enough of them. We miss our subway stops for them. We daydream about them on our commutes and write fanfic about them in our heads while riding elevators, shopping for groceries, and working out. (Scratch that last one - we don't need to exercise because these characters raise our heart rate just fine, thankyouverymuch).


In this course, we'll be looking at the elements of the binge-worthy character: what makes them so delicious? WHY DO WE SHIP THEM SO HARD? Most importantly, how can we make our own characters just as addictive? We'll go over the basics of constructing your own binge-able characters and how to put them all together to create stories worthy of all-night read-a-thons: protagonists, love-interests, villains, secondary characters (aka sidekicks and hype crews), and - bonus! - how to create a lovestory that will keep your readers burning the midnight oil: this six-week class has you covered.


All writing levels and genres are welcome. We'll be breaking down Stephanie Perkins' Anna and The French Kiss Kiss (best to read beforehand if you can, but no worries if you can’t) and selections from other binge-worthy books - as well as working on our own stories - to get to the heart of your soon-to-be unforgettable characters. 

MY Binge-Worthy Characters:

A rich, unique world, full of characters who blaze as brightly as their tremendous powers—I was ensnared from the very first line! EXQUISITE CAPTIVE is a beautiful and clever reimagining the mythology of the jinn, and utterly unlike anything I’ve ever read. Seductive, refreshing, and unforgettable!
— Sarah J. Maas, author of the bestselling Throne of Glass series
By books’s end, readers might find themselves weak in the knees, and not just from all those descriptions of the California sun.

— Chicago Tribune (I'll Meet You There)
An unforgettable heart-stealer...This unconventioanl, gritty, and realistic love story takes on complicated issues...And Josh’s battle with his wounds (both visible and invisible) will bring tears to your eyes. A powerful read.
— Justine Magazine (I'll Meet You There)


Brilliantly flawed characters lead the reader on an emotional and dangerous journey through mystical, magical realms that hide secrets from all.

— VOYAA ***starred review*** of BLOOD PASSAGE
With likable protagonists and snappy dialogue, Something Real credibly zooms in on reality TV’s impact on unwilling subjects–a shoo-in for teens drawn to contemporary romance and drama.
— School Library Journal on SOMETHING REAL