When I’m not writing my books or reading other people’s books, I work with writers to help them plot their dreams and slay their dragons so that they can lead full-bodied creative lives that give them the courage, determination, and strategy to bring their words into the world.


Finish your novel. (Or finally start it.) Bust through a creative block. Get serious about your writing habit. Dive deep into your creative well. I’ll hold your hand through it all until you’re ready to fly.

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just a few of the things we might work on:

  • build a writing habit and process that fulfills you

  • take down your creative blocks that are holding you back

  • empower you: you’re a writer. let me help you own that.

  • Finish your novel

  • start a novel

  • revise a novel

  • use meditation & mindfulness to boost your flow and soothe your creative hurts

  • banish the fear that’s keeping you from your dreams

  • improve your craft w/ craft counseling

  • work on jealousy, comparison, self-doubt, overwhelm, self-sabotage & other gnarly creatures that are suffocating your creative spirit

  • renew or increase your creative joy and get you back in touch with the pure, juicy deliciousness that brought you to the page in the first place

  • help you figure out next steps for your writing life and career

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