Me, in Iceland, soaking up the energy of this storied, magical land.

Me, in Iceland, soaking up the energy of this storied, magical land.

What is writing coaching?

Excellent question, Watson. 

The Process: A creative season

Our work together is a combination of hour-long phone calls, email and text support, and all kinds of writing / reading / creative work to help you get to where you want to be creatively, and equip you to achieve your writing goals. This support includes:

  • Writing assignments tailored to you: exploratory, delicious stuff

  • Reading assignments to support your individual journey

  • Worksheets I’ve created and/or culled from other sources to help you dive deeper into our travels in your artistic landscape

  • Phone calls as brainstorming sessions, with deep questions to help you listen to your gut and figure out your next steps on the journey

  • Activities with a holistic slant that get your creative on all levels: deep dives into the creative well

  • If you’d like, I’ll help you begin or deepen a meditation practice. As a certified teacher, I’ll help you figure out the style that works for you and provide support and resources so that you have a strong foundation. This helps enormously with creative flow and well-being.

  • Editorial and craft support, if that’s part of the work we decide to do together. I like to read at least one chapter of all my clients’ work, regardless of the focus of our creative season together so that I can hear your voice on the page.

  • Keep in mind: coaching and editorial services are separate, but you can combine them for a full, life-changing immersion in your creative life.

These are my current offerings for coaching in 2019, based on my word of the year: bloom


My goal this year is to BLOOM. I want my inner landscape to be a secret garden rich in blossoms, cool shade, and sunny patches to loaf in. I want to flourish, and I want you to, as well. Nothing makes me feel more vibrant than when I’m in my creative groove, and I’m helping others find theirs.

In 2018, I wrote three books and worked on several others, clocking in with well over a quarter million words. But in 2019, BLOOM is the word that matters most to me.

Do you have a novel you’re dying to finish, but can’t quite reach the starting line? Or are you longing to start work on a new project, but you just don’t feel up to the task? Are you in need of a supportive creative season in your life, to grow and blossom, to have a wild garden inside you?

My offerings this year are different than usual. I’m focusing on ongoing monthly support. Two calls per month with constant email support and all the delicious possibilities I mention above—assignments, creative deep dives, meditation, and more. I’m also continuing to offer editorial services, which I just love. So if you have a book that’s ready to go to the next level, let’s make it shine together.

Click below to learn more, and feel free to set up a free focusing call with me so I can answer any questions you might have, and so we can get to know each other better. Or, simply check out when you’re ready.

I hold space for you so that you can feel free to explore your creativity, push against boundaries, and channel your brave.



Click to learn more about my manuscript critique services: a holistic and mindful approach to editorial work.

With a recently edited anthology featuring award-winning writers, as well as having written six critically-acclaimed published books in various genres, plus an MFA in Writing, I know my way around a manuscript. I’d love to help your work shine.


Here's what one of my published authors, Lyn Miller-Lachmann, had to say about working with me:


I came to Heather because I needed to get past a traumatic experience and reboot my career. She helped me identify what was most important to me in terms of my writing and how to let go of misconceptions that were holding me back. As a result, I have considered avenues that I had dismissed earlier. I’ve learned to own my values and my words, take control of my process and not cede the direction of my career to others.


Book art at McNally Jackson in SoHo, NYC

Book art at McNally Jackson in SoHo, NYC


Allow yourself to believe that what you want is possible. Rest in that for a moment.


To get started, schedule a focusing call with me, which is a free coaching session where you can see how this process feels, what it looks like in practice, and get your questions answered. You'll walk away with an Action Plan for the rest of the month, regardless of whether or not you sign up for some coaching. 

Deep breath. Ready? Let's do this.