Catalogue Your Weird and Own It


One thing I’ve been thinking about is how, as artists, we don’t fit the mold. We’re weirdos–even the most A-Typical, ambitious, logical, and responsible of us. Every now and then, I like to take stock and think about the ways in which I don’t subscribe to social norms. How do I rebel? What offends my spirit? What do I just not get? In what ways do I out myself as a weirdo artist? Cataloguing your weird is a great way to see where your heart and values lie. It’s an empowering exercise that reveals secret desires, unexpected convictions, and opportunities for wild abandon. Lofty words, perhaps, but true nevertheless.

How are you weird? Make a list. Make it pretty. Put it up and own the hell out of it. You are part of a tribe of iconoclasts and warriors bent on fighting all that is ugly and ignoble, an army that seeks to ignite and awaken and soothe minds and hearts. When you own your weird, you take an important step towards your true self and tumble into acres of possibility in your work as a wordsmith and in your place as a member of your community.
I’ll give you an example of something on my list: grocery stores depress me. A lot. It’s some combination of the fluorescent lights and air conditioning and the rows and rows of pre-made, packaged shit. The music-god help me, the MUSIC-and all these people pushing around carts looking tired. Bored cashiers and Low Fat this and cases of meat that’s already starting to go bad and the marketing on everything, corporation after corporation. What does this say about me as an artist?

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