An I'll Meet You There Promo for the Die Hard Romantics


Order I’ll Meet You There between now and Valentine’s Day and receive an exclusive HANDWRITTEN love letter from Josh Mitchell mailed to the address of your choosing, a signed bookplate, and bookmark. (US only-sorry, lovely international readers! We can email you the letter, though). This letter will ONLY be available via snail mail, which means this is truly exclusive content that you can’t find anywhere else. Plus, who doesn’t want an old school love letter from a hot Marine for Valentine’s Day? Just saying.

P.S. If you’ve already pre-ordered like the rockstar reader you are, you can also get in on this sweet lovin’.

What to do

  • Order the book from anywhere you wish, or click one of the buttons below to take you to your preferred retailer.

  • Send an email with your name, address, and proof of purchase (a picture or screenshot of your receipt) to
  • Check your mailbox (like the real one that might be buried under snow). Open your letter*…and be prepared for a major, major surprise. I won’t even try to be modest here: it’s pretty swoon worthy.

*Spoilers abound in this letter, so be sure to read the book before the letter.

Here’s the thing: I wanted to do something extra special to celebrate the release of I’ll Meet You There. For one, it’s what I’ve taken to calling “the book of my heart.” This novel means the world to me for several reasons, one of which is that I fell head over heels in love with Josh Mitchell (and I hope you do, too). I got to thinking about Josh and Sky and Valentine’s Day and it was pretty much a done deal after that.

Before we go any further here, you should know I’m a romantic—like a seriously die-hard romantic. As such, I’m obviously pretty excited that IMYT comes out just before the high holy day of love. Whether you’re single or happily coupled, there is nothing better around this time of year than a romance that sweeps you off your feet. I like to think this is that kind of romance, if only because I write books I like to read and I love me some YA romance.

When I hit on the idea of the love letter, I knew this was the best way I could celebrate the heart of this story. While Josh is no longer deployed, I wanted to play on the idea of the tradition of soldiers writing to their sweethearts. I love these kinds of letters. There’s so much at stake for the writer and the receiver, so much drama and hope and desire. I tried to imbue some of that into the letter you’ll be receiving. As Josh says in the novel, Skylar “sees through the mess” of him. He’s a complicated dude that you can’t write off or stereotype, no matter how hard you try. I wanted to see what happened when he put pen to paper on the most romantic day of the year.


IMYT is a love story, but it’s not all rainbows and butterflies and frolicking in fields. This is a book about two people falling in love while their lives fall apart, challenging one another to make the tough choices that will carry them into the future. Despite their youth, Josh and Sky have both been through a lot. There’s so much at stake for them as individuals and as a maybe-couple. They both have some serious stuff to work through. But, like the best kind of relationships, they teach each other how to be strong and learn that sometimes you need to wear your heart on your sleeve, even if it’s bleeding and broken. Artist Skylar thinks, I had to tell him we were like a collage. Pieces that could be put back together in a new way, a better way.

Writing this book was an emotional rollercoaster. I tried really hard not to pull any punches because I wanted to tell Josh and Sky’s story truthfully. I’ve been told by reputable sources that it brings the feels. I hope you fall in love with them just as much as I have this Valentine’s Day and that your letter from Josh will inspire you to write a love letter of your own.

Pssst…While you’re waiting for your copy of the book, you can get some pre-reading feels over on the Ill Meet You There Pinterest page or check out the playlist, perfect for a cosy night inside, a drive down a highway, or a lazy Sunday morning.

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