A Favor...Pretty Please (with a cherry on top)


Hey, friends!

For those of you who've written a review of Bad Romance on Goodreads, would you mind putting it up on Amazon too? (Unless you hated the book, then I humbly request that you never, ever share your review thankyouverymuch). ;) I want to get this book into as many hands that need it as possible, since it's about something I care about so deeply. I've already gotten some really beautiful and sad and brave emails and messages on social media about people who've gone through what Grace (and I) have been through. I think sometimes fiction makes it easier for us to talk about this tough stuff.

Apparently, it's super helpful to have a lot of reviews on your Amazon page (I know, silly author not knowing this already), which is why I'm bugging you about it in the first place. I so appreciate all the kind words those of you who have posted on Goodreads and elsewhere have said - thank you for taking the time to read the book and start conversations around teen dating violence, your own bad romances, and all manner of heartbreak. If you haven't posted a review on Goodreads, but have read the book and would like to chime in on the Amazon page, that would be most excellent. I know how busy you all are, and I appreciate you taking the time!

Also, just a reminder that I'm still offering free Skype visits with schools and libraries about Teen Dating Violence, so please let your teacher, librarian, and community organizer friends know! I plan on doing some cool stuff in February for Teen Dating Violence Awareness month, too, so I'm up for being part of that programming. I'm hoping to help all the girls (and guys) who are where I was when I was in high school - or, better yet, keep them from bad romances altogether.



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